What People are Saying:


Jennifer Y.

Delighted Customer 

These compression socks are so cute. They do not look as if they would be compression socks at all!! The “normal” ones look like granny socks….these look like a cute pair of socks anyone would wear!!


Mary A.


Love my ATN socks! I am a RN who works 12 hours, day shift and these are such life savers! I am always on the go and my legs feel supported and great through my long work hours. How did I ever work without them?

Kc Y.

Surgical Nurse

They’re thick, snug, and comfy! I purchased 3 pairs recently and wore one today at work. I scrubbed for a case that lasted 6 hours of standing and didn’t feel any leg pain which I would usually have for long surgical cases. feels so good! Love the design and very good quality! Will definitely buy more. Thanks for such awesome stockings!


Elizabeth A.


I love these compression socks! They stay nice and tight. I usually buy 4 pairs every 8-10 months. These seriously make my legs feels better: legs aren’t tired and no edema! These patterns and colors are bright. My co-workers are always wanting to know which pair I have on that night!

“My Eyes Have Been Opened!”

COMPRESSION SOCKS!! My sister in law introduced me to these amazing things when I was flying back to England from the states and I am in LOVE. Now, to be honest, before my life-changing purchase, I only thought compression socks were for pregnant ladies or old sick people BUT MY EYES HAVE BEEN OPENED! I bought a pair mostly because I didn’t have a reason to say no and my sister in law was so excited about them, but am I glad I did! These things are cute, comfortable, functional, and affordable. We travel a lot and my legs and feet used to fall asleep on the plane EVERY TIME! It was soo annoying, but I just thought it was something I was going to have to live with. Now, I put these socks on before a long car ride or flight and my legs NEVER fall asleep!! I AM thrilled with my small victory in life and wanted to share them with everyone I know … you’re welcome!

-Amanda W.

International Traveler, Air Force Wife

Amanda Downton Abbey

From Facebook:

  • For months, 24/7, my legs and feet hurt to the point of being barely able to tolerate walking. I even tried several compression socks from the uniform store, designed specifically for nurses, without any relief...until ATN. I am so thankful for the day that I bought my first pair of ATN compression II socks. Now I can pull a 12-16 hour shift, no problem. My feet and legs are no longer swelling, and the pain is gone! Thank you ATN!

    Twila B.
  • These stockings are amazing!! I could never do a 12+ hour shift without them!! I do an average of 12,000 steps a day at work. Usually closer to 17,000. My legs are not as sore as they used to be before I bought this wonderful brand. They last a long time, even after many washings! I even wear them when I'm not working. I have had many people comment on my cute socks. When I tell them they are compression stockings, people go crazy and ask where they can buy some. They hate the white nylon ones they or a family member wear. I always tell them that no other company compare to the quality of ATN!! Thank you for such a wonderful stocking!!

    Denise S.
  • The shipping company never delivered my order. ATN sent a replacement order, plus a bonus, with two day shipping. At no extra charge! They definitely went above and beyond! I won't hesitate to order again, especially since the socks were great too. They survived busy 12 hour shifts and my legs weren't nearly as tired as usual.

    Donna S.
  • Hands down the best compression socks, ever!! Not only are these a staple for my 12 hour shifts as an ICU nurse, but I also wear them when I know I'm going to be on my feet and active all day outside of work (wore them to the Texas State Fair!). These are thick (not too think), well made, and hold up great in the wash. One of the things I like most about them is that they don't make my legs itch after wearing for 10+ hours like the brand I was previously wearing (PRO Compression). I also love all the fun patterns they are available in! These fit true to the size chart available on their page, so be sure to take the time to measure your calf, etc as it instructs. Overall, these earn a 5/5 from me and I will be purchasing more in the future!

    Madi D.
  • I absolutely love my socks! I consider them part of my uniform. I'l got my first 3 pair almost 2years now & they are just as colorful & tight as the day I bought them & and I'm wearing them 4days week for 12 hours a day!! I'm up to 10 pair now. I also wear them when I'm hiking & rollerskating & flying... my legs love me for it. 
    The cute little bonus is the impression they leave on my legs when I first take them off-- my kids love to see if they can guess which pair I wore by the imprint;) I could just imagine how swollen my legs would be if I didn't wear them! 
    Thankyou so much for adding to my health & my wardrobe!!

    Sharon A.
  • I am an RN and work nights. I have dependent edema and have been wearing compression socks for a while now. Every day, even when not at work. The thing I liked best about this brand is they measure your ankle and calf...just like TED hose. I have large calves and these fit. When I took them out of the package I was concerned that they were too big. Nope, they fit just right. They have the right amount of compression and are fun to wear. I have had a lot of compliments on them. They still maintain their shape and fit after washing. They are my favorites.

    Stephanie S.
  • I love my compression socks. They fit amazing and so comfy my legs don't hurt after working 12 hr shifts at the hospital. There are some really cute designs also. I even wear these outside of work when I know I'm going to be on my feet for long periods at a time and they do amazing. Thank you so much for having such good compression socks

    Jenna H.
  • I could not do my job without these socks! I love how supported my calves and ankles are with them. I can work my 12-16 hour shifts on hard concrete floors without my feet and ankles swelling up like watermelons. I really appreciate the larger sizes since I have huge calves. I have lost count of how many pairs I own, but plan to keep adding to my collection. Awesome product!

    Angela S.
  • I absolutely love these socks! I work as a PA-C in surgery and am on my feet all day. No cankles or sore legs at the end of the day. I've also worn these socks throughout pregnancy and they're definitely a life saver! Oh and the cute prints are just the icing on the cake!

    Tammy C.
  • I never work a shift without my ATN compression socks. I have purchased almost every pair of compression socks they have available with the exception of the latest 3. Some people like new scrubs...I love new ATN compression socks. My feet and legs used to ache after my 12 hour shifts...not anymore. These are absolutely WONDERFUL and worth every single penny!!

    Tonya A.